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Embroidery Service

Embroidery is a skilled craft that relies on knowledge of fabrics, quality digitisation of a logo, along with care and precision applied to the process in order to ensure the best end results. Our in house process is completed using computerised embroidery machines where your logo is digitised, to ensure correct placement of every stitch, then sent to a machine.  We have access to both single head and multi head embroidery machines and we can add up to 16 colours in a logo using the best quality threads, with no minimum order & a huge range of garments in stock we can cater to almost any order. Embroidery is a popular option for personalised business attire or any custom clothing. It is regarded by most people as being professional and of the highest quality, resulting in long lasting workwear, that will create the best of impressions.

Embroidered logos are highly durable and washable at high temperatures; they can be applied to most fabrics and products including polo shirts, hoodies, hi-vis items, hats, ties, coats and jackets and many more. It is worth noting that some garments such as lightweight t-shirts and thin shirts/blouses could potentially be made up of fabric that is too thin to hold an embroidered logo; (with that being said shirts & blouses are one of our most popular items to customise but we would always recommend using a better quality fabric to ensure a better finish on the logo).  When trying to embroider logos onto thin items it may result in pulling the fabric and this would lead to a puckered appearance. In these cases we would advise either reducing the size of the embroidered logo / changing the garment/ garment material or changing the production method, our customer service team will be happy to discuss these options with you.

It's also worth noting on items with waterproof properties that once the garment is embroidered it is no longer technically classed as waterproof in that area as the fabric will have been punctured - we can heat seal/transfer vinyl logos onto these garments should this be considered a problem. If embroidery is still your preferred option for customisation, It is now possible to embroider on waterproof or water-repellent fabrics without compromising their waterproof properties. We would simply apply a seal to the back of your logo which would ensure water and moisture do not penetrate the fabric through the tiny embroidery needle punctures. Contact us for more details should you require this service.

Another factor to consider is the size of the logo you wish to have applied.  The reason for this is when it comes to embroidered clothing, a large logo such as a big back or big front design contains tens of thousands of stitches and this, therefore, carries with it a lot of weight and puts a strain on the garment. For this reason, we recommend that if you do require a large logo that covers the entirety of the front or back of a garment, then we think print would be a better option.

We are confident in saying the majority of garments in our product range can be embroidered so this process is suitable for a wide range of items as long as there is a flat area for the logo to be applied with enough space and a high enough fabric weight to hold the design.  We will also need to make sure that the area to be customised isn’t inhibited by pockets, zips, or any other characteristics that may obstruct a logo.

Embroidered garments are ideal for giving your workforce a strong identity, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Embroidery Pricing:

(Item pricing is shown per garment and stitch count conditions will apply - if a garment exceeds our standard stitch count of 10,000 stitches then an additional charge may be needed - customer services will inform you if this is the case).

·         1-4 items - £4.49 (+VAT)

·         5-9 items - £3.79 (+VAT)

·         10-19 items - £3.39  (+VAT)

·         20-99 items - £2.99 (+VAT)

·         100-249 items - £2.25  (+VAT)

·         250 + items - Please get in touch with our team to discuss further.

This price will double if you want 2 locations and tripled with 3 etc.

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